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Residential Services

For over 30 years, Belair Design has provided quality Architecture and Engineering Services to a broad spectrum of the residential building industry, including Private Homeowners and Developers. Whether you are planning a Room Addition, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) or a Custom Estate, Scott R. Belair, Principal Architect, will guide you through all phases of your project’s development. From Schematic Design Phase / Preliminary Design Phase through Construction Documents and Construction Phases. Mr. Belair’s direct involvement assures your best interest is a priority throughout the property’s development.

Belair Architectural Designs
Belair Architectural Designs

Home Additions

Belair Design is ready to work with you to enhance the livability of your residence with a garage, extra bedroom, larger kitchen, or other improvements.
When you call upon us, we’ll give you a speedy response. Our dedicated staff members will work with you to determine the best way to accomplish your goals within your budget. We’re ready to work at a time that’s convenient for you with the training and specialized tools to accomplish your job efficiently and inexpensively. With one of our home additions, you can alleviate cramped living conditions while simultaneously increasing the resale value of your house.
Belair Design can give you the custom home addition you’ve always wanted. We also offer Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) services. To find out more about our services or to request an estimate, give us a call now and see how dedicated we are to client satisfaction.

Custom Floor Plans

Whether you’re building a hotel, constructing a small office complex, or designing a large facility, it’s important to make sure that all the right details fall into place. So if you’re looking for a custom floor plan for your upcoming project, our team is at your service. At Belair Design, our custom floor plans are designed to take your building project to the next level.

Belair Architectural Designs
Belair Architectural Designs

Apartment & Condos Architectural Services

Belair Design specializes in outstanding architectural services for apartments and condos in CA. With a wealth of experience in the field, our team of talented architects and designers takes pride in crafting exceptional living spaces that perfectly blend functionality and aesthetics. Whether it’s new constructions, renovations, or interior design, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions tailored to our client’s unique needs. Trust Belair Design to transform your property into a harmonious and inspiring space. Get ready to experience the difference between thoughtful and expert architectural design with Belair Design.

Commercial Services

In the realm of commercial architectural services in CA, Belair Design stands as a beacon of excellence. Drawing upon our extensive experience, our team of skilled architects and designers excels in creating innovative and functional spaces that cater to the unique needs of businesses. Whether it’s office buildings, retail spaces, hospitality establishments, or mixed-use developments, we offer diverse services customized for each commercial project. Our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence make your business vision a reality. Elevate your business to new heights with Belair Design’s transformative and inspiring design solutions.

Belair Architectural Designs

Quality and Service

At Belair Design, we understand the role the right floor plan can play in your upcoming construction project. Our goal is to design and present you with a floor plan that serves the functional and aesthetic needs of your space. Every member of our team is dedicated to providing excellent service; and we work hard to produce quality plans and designs, no matter the size or scope of the job at hand. For more information about our services or to schedule an estimate, call Belair Design today.